Monday, May 20, 2013

Things You Must Get For Your Nerdlings

Do you have a nerdling and/or have friends who have nerdling(s)? Does your nerdling live in the vicinity of Nerdvale, Nerdain View, Nerdo Alto, Nerdotino? Is he/her going to be surrounded by other nerdlings in a highly competitive school and fear that he/she will not be able to out-nerd his/her schoolmates? Fear not! Here are some must buy items if you want your kid(s) to grow up to be well adjusted and successful nerdling(s)!

1) Hi-tech ABC Poster.

 A is for Apple. B is for Blogger. C is for Cisco. I originally made this for a friend of mine who moved to the Bay Area, now I will donate to the public for free! I printed this on a 16x20 poster at Costco, it is pretty cheap to print there and the postboard is professional grade. FREE download the high-res file (2MB) and print it. There's also a 8MB version if you can handle it. Your nerdling will love it!

2) Star Trek book of opposites. 

Remember those Happy<->Angry, Empty<->Full books you read as a toddler? Now it is available in Star Trek edition! Get it now!
Available from

3) Input Output baby shirt.

You can get it from ThinkGeek.

4) The book of Ping. 

As well educated nerds, we all know that it is really the story about the network stack/TCP/UDP/IP. This is a must have item! Here is a review from one of the online reviewers: "Using deft allegory, the authors have provided an insightful and intuitive explanation of one of Unix's most venerable networking utilities. Even more stunning is that they were clearly working with a very early beta of the program, as their book first appeared in 1933, years (decades!) before the operating system and network infrastructure were finalized. The book describes networking in terms even a child could understand, choosing to anthropomorphize the underlying packet structure. The ping packet is described as a duck, who, with other packets (more ducks), spends a certain period of time on the host machine (the wise-eyed boat). At the same time each day (I suspect this is scheduled under cron), the little packets (ducks) exit the host (boat) by way of a bridge (a bridge). From the bridge, the packets travel onto the internet (here embodied by the Yangtze River)."  Buy your copy now!

5) Nerd rubber ducks. 

Cute!!! Your baby will have lots of fun with it in the shower!

Did I miss any other must buy item for your nerdlings? Please let me know.

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