Thursday, March 28, 2013

Distance to 99 Ranch vs. School Ratings

Someone on Facebook asked me to do a scatter plot of city distance to 99 Ranch and School Rating. For those who do not know what that is, 99 Ranch Market is an Asian American supermarketchain owned by Tawa Supermarket Inc.

BTW I saw this recently from an internet humor site (I didn't create this):

Out of curiosity, I used Google Maps to find the distance of Walmart and Whole Foods from these areas. Suppose the followings: dm=closest distance to Walmart, df=closest distance to Whole Foods, then Snob Score is defined as (dm-df / average(dm, df)). The size of the circle is defined by how expensive a home is. The above humor site has a point, but unfortunately Saratoga and Los Altos ruined the best of line fit in the scatter:

I'm not sure how this is helpful to anyone especially given the fact that the cities here are hand-picked and subject to selection bias. At any rate, what do you think, is there anything you can make out from these plots?

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